Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Move from Buffalo

A week after graduation and we were on our way out of Buffalo. This picture symbolizes the 12 feet of space that we managed to fit all of our worldly possessions into. And I had to capture this image, because my dad was sure there was no way we'd do it. If you'll notice, we even have an inch or two to spare. Pictured here is also one of the best Elder's Quorum's around. Coordinating moves in this ward is a full-time job.

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The Conductor said...

Hi Paige! I haven't checked your blog forever. Fun to see your pics! We are getting settled in Illinois (a little jealous of your temperatures this time of year...as ours the last three days have been well below zero, and that's the daytime HIGH...). I was just called as ward choir director and wished you guys lived here too so Nic could take that job instead of me! (I have NO idea what I'm doing. I also have two other callings, so who knows what will happen with this.) Anyway, congrats on getting your beetle! I remember you telling us about those plans. Take care! I'll let you know if I ever start a blog!

~Amy Jones