Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So Nic turned 30, which somehow seems noteworthy. And it's funny how when you actually reach a milestone age like this, all of the sudden it doesn't seem so old anymore. Not that I'm speaking from experience.

Awesome Snowman Snow

So it snowed before Christmas, but it was that typical dry, powdery western snow that is awesome for skiing, but horrible for making snowmen. So when it snowed a couple weeks later and then warmed up a little, we were ready. The snow was very wet and packed amazingly well. My sister, Carly, Nic and I got to work. It didn't take long before the balls were to big to move -- hence the need for a ramp to get the middle portion onto the lower portion. And then all three of us to move the head into place. She ended up looking a bit busty, so we made her a snowoman. Oh, and the last picture is Marcus handy-work later that evening. Having not been included much in the big snowman building, he went out and made his own snowman village. It's quite hard to see, and they were melted too much by morning to get a good shot, but he built 13 snowmen all scattered around the yard. Like I said, it was good-packing snow.

Storm Trooper

So I couldn't resist posting these. Marcus had been saying he was going to ask Santa for a Power Wheels motorcycle for Christmas and I was feeling bad know we weren't going to be able to come through on that one ( I'm not even sure there is such a thing). So when he had the chance to sit on Santa's lap at our ward party and he asked for a Storm Trooper costume, I was thrilled. There had to be some website out there selling something like that and for a halfway reasonable price. And sure enough there was. It is amazing what a great feeling it is to be able to come through on the Santa requests. Especially at Marcus' age, where he really believes. Oh, and my sister had just happened to borrow from a friend the life-size cutout of Darth Vader for an English project, so when it was still there on Christmas morning we just had to get a shot with it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here we have the entire Toquerville crew in commemoration of when Squanto helped out the White folks back in Mass. a few years back. Don't we all look Puritanical. Further up the chain are pictures of Gramps Vandy taking us all to a great spot to cut down our own Christmas Tree. With how warm it was that day I was starting to think Al Gore was right. However, the last picture shows that he needs to go back to the drawing board. We're up here in Eagle, ID living with Paige's fam because Nic failed the bar and is currently looking for a job. Yes, it's true. I know you're all surprised that Nic did less than well on a test but the planets aligned this once (or didn't). They call this adversity I guess. However, I prefer prosperity thank you very much. It's much less painful and has better towels.

Our St. George House

Even though we were only there for 5 short months, we're really going to miss that place. It was home for sure. Nicole lived in the dirt in the backyard. Marcus learned to ride his bike without training wheels there. I had my own clothesline. Nic had his own detached music suite. Millie, Marcus, and Nicole all celebrated birthdays there. We failed at our first attempt at a St. George garden in that yard. And we made some great friends while in that house. It was perfect! But alas, life happens, and off we go on new adventures!

Carving Pumpkins

It was really fun carving pumpkins with the kids this year. They each designed their own pumpkins. Marcus' had mean eyes and a Darth Vader mouth. Nicole drew her face herself with a pencil, then Nic carved it for her. After it was done she had to make the face her pumpkin was making. I don't know what it is about that picture, but it's just such a Nicole picture. I love when I'm able to capture my kids' personalities in a snapshot.

'Round September there was a huge rain storm in St. George and knowing how rare water is in So. Utah we just had to go outside and splash around. We got so wet and people thought we were crazy. I think people wanted to call Child Protective Services on us because we had our children out in the elements. Let them call...we'd just convince the judge to come out in the rain with us and he'd see how it is truly "in the best interests of the child(ren)" to have them remain with the Respondents. (Only I could turn pictures of familial bliss into a diatribe against the system)

Our New Machine

After we moved to San Jorge in June we decided to stick it to Big Oil and get us a fully electric, fully restored, 1973 Super Beetle. You plug it in to any outlet. It drives around 40 mph on demand. I've even had it up to 60 (downhill). Anyway, we feel like the first people on the block to have a real water closet. She's beautiful, eh?

The Drive from Buffalo, NY to St. George, UT

4 1/2 days in the car. The second time we'd driven that stretch of highway as a family, and Nic's 6th time driving that stretch of highway. Millie enjoyed her very first sucker. This photo was taken on the first day, before we were completely sick of the car. We did have some great hotel stays along the way, though, and drove right by some tornadoes in the St. Louis area. All in all, it was a bonding family experience.

The Move from Buffalo

A week after graduation and we were on our way out of Buffalo. This picture symbolizes the 12 feet of space that we managed to fit all of our worldly possessions into. And I had to capture this image, because my dad was sure there was no way we'd do it. If you'll notice, we even have an inch or two to spare. Pictured here is also one of the best Elder's Quorum's around. Coordinating moves in this ward is a full-time job.

After graduation Paige and I decided to go tromping through the Adirondacks in the North country of New York State. It's all up by Lake Placid (where we, in fact, stayed). I can't tell you how serene it all was. Just the two of us for a couple of days of hiking and inn-staying. Perfect before going back to the real world of work. We are pictured here high atop Phelps Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the State of New York. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Nic's Law School Graduation!

I'm convinced every man needs a trophy wife. Don't you agree? There's just something about having your professional degree and a little arm candy to boot. There she is all her beautiful glory. She wore that outfit for me on my graduation day and I couldn't have been more proud.