Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Awesome Snowman Snow

So it snowed before Christmas, but it was that typical dry, powdery western snow that is awesome for skiing, but horrible for making snowmen. So when it snowed a couple weeks later and then warmed up a little, we were ready. The snow was very wet and packed amazingly well. My sister, Carly, Nic and I got to work. It didn't take long before the balls were to big to move -- hence the need for a ramp to get the middle portion onto the lower portion. And then all three of us to move the head into place. She ended up looking a bit busty, so we made her a snowoman. Oh, and the last picture is Marcus handy-work later that evening. Having not been included much in the big snowman building, he went out and made his own snowman village. It's quite hard to see, and they were melted too much by morning to get a good shot, but he built 13 snowmen all scattered around the yard. Like I said, it was good-packing snow.

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Laura said...

I love that Snowman Village! Marcus, you are the MASTER of snowmen! Good work,buddy! And congrats to Nick on the big 30! Paige, you are married to an oldie! :) When are you coming back down here?